Rad - Gotta Be

Rose Ann Dimalanta, a.k.a rad., grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and began playing piano at the age of 4. In 1990 she completed her jazz studies at U.C. Berkeley. The West Coast music scene quickly got hip to rad.'s latin jazz chops and she was soon playing with legendary musicians like Pete Escovedo, Benny Velarde (Cal Tjader), Orestes Vilato (Santana), Ray Obiedo and David Garibaldi among others. Her move to Europe in 1991 marked the beginning of her solo career. With the encouragement of her husband and producer Michael Kirsch (co-founder of the Soulciety Record label), rad. became Rose Ann's solo project, a funk show spiced with latin flavors.

Rad's second release in 1994, "Gotta Be" was praised by critics, DJ's and fans alike. It’s release in Japan put the track "Venus Drops" (featuring the Tower of Power Horns) into the Japanese Billboard Radio charts. Guest appearances on "Gotta Be" by Tower of Power, funk legend Roger Troutman (Zapp), England's Galliano posse, and respected Jazz heavies like Howard Johnson (Miles Davis, Carla Bley) broadened her musical acceptance beyond dance, r&b, and jazz audiences.

01. Gotta Be
02. Trippin'
03. Digging the Bay
04. Come My Way
05. 432 f
06. Never Say Never
07. Venus Drops
08. So Complete
09. Sister
10. Lately

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There is precious little use in having archives that have mostly dead links, but many users can't be available for downloading immediately -- I know in my case I have been ill for a couple of weeks, so when I check back into September many links have already expired according to Rapidshare. I think a premium account is well worth it if you use it a lot. Mean and inconsiderate as they can be to bloggers.

acidjazzy said...

With all due respect, I never intended this blog to be an archive that you could continue to download albums from indefinitely. I do enjoy sharing the albums that I post, but more so, I enjoy sharing the connections of artists, blogs, record labels, and music lovers. If an album that has been posted is now no longer available, and you are desperately wanting it, there are plenty of file sharing programs out there where I'm sure you can find it [cough]soulseek[/cough]. Or (and here's a novel idea), you could consider following the Amazon links I provide to purchase a copy...

It seems that many great blogs that post albums end up dying in the space of a few months eg. Penthouse Safari, because they have received too many complaints or have been treated poorly by their visitors. I never intended to be a suppository of free music, and if it gets to the point where that is all this blog is seen as, then I won't go the way of my peers, I'll continue to do exactly what I am doing now.... minus the rapidshare links. Why? Because I love this type of music and wish to share that love with others. Hopefully along the way I will discover new artists, as will you.

That said, I'm sorry you missed out on some posts. Let me know if there was something in particular you wish you hadn't missed, and I'll see what I can do.


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...of course, if you wanted to set me up with a premium rapidshare account, I wouldn't be complaining too much...

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I'm tottaly with u mate! No need for paying extra bucks for some premium account. Just keep up the good work, I like ur choice in music.

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new to the Prof. looking forward to listening. tyvm.

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Please re-post.


What is Acid Jazz?

Acid jazz (also known as club jazz) is a musical genre that combines elements of soul music, funk, disco, particularly looping beats and modal harmony. It developed over the 1980s and 1990s and could be seen as tacking the sound of jazz-funk onto electronic dance/pop music.

The compositions of groups such as The Brand New Heavies and Incognito often feature chord structures usually associated with Jazz music. The Heavies in particular were known in their early years for beginning their songs as catchy pop and rapidly steering them into jazz territory before "resolving" the composition and thus not losing any pop listeners but successfully "exposing" them to jazz elements in "baby steps".

The acid jazz "movement" is also seen as a "revival" of jazz-funk or jazz fusion or soul jazz by leading DJs such as Norman Jay or Gilles Peterson or Patrick Forge, also known as "rare groove crate diggers".