Maysa - Metamorphosis

Maysa - Metamorphosis
Maysa's 2008 Shanachie Records release, Metamorphosis, is a 12 song tour de force of Maysa originals! As one of the most unique soul/jazz vocalists of the past fifteen years, she has been the featured lead vocalist of the groove/dance ensemble Incognito and Stevie Wonder's Wonderlove. Special guest artists, Najee and Nick Colionne along with hit making producers Rex Rideout (Ledisi, Will Downing, Angie Stone), Ronnie Garrett (Toni Braxton, Aaliyah, Patti LaBelle) and Chris 'Big Dog' Davis (Kim Waters, Phil Perry, George Clinton), combine to make Maysa's vision a reality. Highlights include the Brazilian-tinge 'Simpatico, Maysa's provocative 'I Need A Man' and 'Walk Away'.

1. Simpatico
2. My Destiny
3. Never Really Ever
4. Let's Figure It Out (A Song For Bluey)
5. I Need A Man Maysa
6. Higher Love
7. Take Me Away
8. Happy Feelings
9. Love So True
10. Walk Away
11. Grateful
12. A Conversation With The Universe

Maysa's Website

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Jamiroquai - Too Young To Die (video)

Jamiroquai - 'Too Young To Die' from the album: 'Emergency On Planet Earth' (1993)

Isaac Hayes - Rest In Peace

We lost a musical great today, at the all too young age of 65, Isaac Hayes has left us with a legacy of unforgettable music. Sleep peacefully my brother, you will never be forgotten, and your music will live on for eternity...

The Brand New Heavies - Never Stop (video)

Never Stop was the first single of this UK/US jazz-funk group. It reached up to number 43 in the UK TOP 75 October 1991.

Brooklyn Fun Essentials - Watcha Playin'

Acid Jazz Album - Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Watcha PlayinFollowing an 8 year hiatus, the acclaimed collective Brooklyn Funk Essentials triumphantly return with a new studio album Watcha Playin'. Immaculately produced by founder Lati Kronlund, the blistering set marks the legendary multicultural collective's 15th anniversary and is their first new studio offering since 2000's Make 'Em Like It.

Released Spring 2008 (on Black Plastic Magick/Comet Records), Watcha Playin' reunites the classic line-up of Kronlund (bass, beats, guitar, keyboards and turntables), vocalists Hanifah Walidah, Papa Dee and Everton Sylvester, and Yancy Drew (drums & vocals) alongside Desmond Foster (vocals & guitar), Iwan van Hetten (trumpet, keys & vocals), Philippe Monrose (percussion) and an impressive cast of notable guest contributors including Turkish super-star clarinet player Hüsnü Senlendirici and Tunisian Raï Diva Amina Annabi (lead vocals). Awa Manneh and Stephanie McKay (background vocals) and from Bebel Gilberto's band Masa Shimizu (guitars). The album is the forth studio release from the group who was born out of New York's buzzing hip-hop-jazz and slam poetry scenes in the early 90s.

Watcha Playin' finds the enduring outfit dispensing radiant sonic nirvana with masterful arrangements, eloquent lyrical narratives and exhilarating melodies. Written and road-tested during the band's 2007 reunion tour, the explosive set was recorded in New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Stockholm injecting a distinctive cosmopolitan flair vividly constructed around smooth textures and jubilant rhythms, which have become the band's signature (along with their impeccable live performances).

Throughout the 12-track opus, BFE brilliantly showcase their dexterity mining an eclectic musical terrain anchored in full-bodied urban dance grooves, stylized pop, sweltering 70s funk, irrepressible disco nostalgia, dance-hall-infected reggae/hip-hop jams, and flavourful poly-ethnic dub. Taking cues from contemporaries like Stephen and Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, Gnarls Barkley, M.I.A., N.E.R.D., Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai and Mr. Scruff, BFE weave a cohesive widescreen collection where the energy is infectious, the instrumentation superlative and the songs dynamic - carefully balancing political fire and ruminative societal critiques with transcendent elegies and euphoric party jams.

Watcha Playin' is a tour-de-force that harkens back to the spicy swagger of their landmark 1994 debut Cool and Steady and Easy (which featured their funky reggae-inspired reworking of Pharoah Sanders' classic "The Creator Has A Master Plan"), the vibrant traditional Turkish folk mosaics of 1998's Grammy-nominated In The Buzz Bag and the refined pop mélange of 2000's Make 'Em Like It.

Tracks like the magnetic Gypsy-Skamitzva bounce "Dibby Dibby Sound", "For A Few Dollars More / Faya" (a poignant political meditation railing against the fractured state of the world's money hungry democracies featuring Papa Dee and Everton), the slinky jazz-house scorcher "S-Curved" and the atomic maelstrom "My Jamaican Girl" (featuring Hanifah Walidah) are poised to propel the acclaimed act further into the pop consciousness without sacrificing their underground roots.

01. Need 12:40
02. Dance - Free Night 4:46
03. Bellybuttons T&a 5:00
04. Rude Boy Shuffle 6:38
05. The Park 4:11
06. Wendell Wedding 5:32
07. For A Few Dollars More 8:09
08. Work It Out 6:10
09. My Jamaican Girl 5:19
10. Dibby Dibby Sound 2:31
11. S-curved 7:46
12. The Day Before Adidi 6:12

Brooklyn Funk Essentials Website
Brooklyn Funk Essentials MySpace Page

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The New Jersey Kings - Party To The Bus Stop

The New Jersey Kings - Party To The Bus Stop

The New Jersey Kings are actually the James Taylor Quartet, under a different name. It all started when they signed to Polydor, who were very controlling in the directions that the James Taylor Quartet could go. They had to work with musicians they didn’t want to work with, so they did this project under a pseudonym to satisfy themselves. Then the label wanted them to release the stuff, so that was okay. It’s always been a different hat that they can wear if they choose.

"Party to the Bus Stop" is the first of 3 albums released under James Taylor Quartet's pseudynom.

1. Monkey Drop
2. Get Organized
3. Solid
4. Sweet Cakes
5. Sweet Shirley
6. Latin One
7. All Wrapped Up
8. Charlie's Groove
9. Solid [Alternate Take]

James Taylor Quartet's Website

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Bird - Double Chance

Bird - Double Chance

Bird is one of Japan’s biggest names in jazz. Her fusion of jazz, R&B, bossa nova, swing, and house has won her a fanbase all her own. She began doing folk-type music in 2002, but after almost a year of hiatus, her single Warabigami was released. This time bird went for a reggae feel. With her latest single Sparkles, she has gone back to her jazz roots but has mixed in disco as well.

In July 1999, her debut album was released and sold 700,000 copies. bird was given the Japan Gold Record for newcomers. Months later in October, her first national concert bird tour 1999 live! was sold out.

Double Chance is Bird's fourth album released on October 8th, 2003. It was produced by Takao Tajima and features songs by Earl Cooper, Jesse Harris, Ivan Lins, and Daisuke Kawaguchi. Inside the case is a multi-colored color pencil of which you can color the booklet with. The cover of Double Chance is an outline of bird's 16th single Chance, also featured on the album.

01 - Chance
02 - Haikyo No Dancehall
03 - Fukurami
04 - Viva Spa
05 - Spider
06 - Yomigaere
07 - Kidoairaku
08 - Miageta Sora E
09 - Ai Ketsuidamono
10 - Hikaru Anata

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Gota - Day & Night

Acid Jazz Album - Gota - Day & Night
After setting the smooth-jazz world ablaze in early 1999 with his second Album, Let's Get Started, drummer and studio musician Gota Yashiki returns with another solid album that effortlessly bridges the gap between the English acid jazz-funk movement and the American smooth jazz scene.

From the sly reference to Curtis Mayfield on "Around the Corner," to the obvious Tower of Power tribute on "What's Up, Charlie," Gota waves the 1970s funk flag high throughout Day and Night. He also keeps a prevailing acid-groove bed, with a smooth-jazz sheen as a covering.

"Sweet Emotion" is a perfect example of Gota's mix. It starts off with a motif straight out of Stevie Wonder before Gota's perfectly programmed percussion kicks off a funky midtempo beat that immediately leads to a sweet sax line that builds into a radio friendly hook taken in unison with a synthesizer that leads to a nice melodic guitar solo.

Former Brand New Heavies keyboardist Neal Cowley shines throughout as Gota spreads his musical wealth around among some great players from the U.K. Even though the last track is a ballad, this is a record that builds in intensity and emotion from the first few smoother tracks to the latter more acidic stuff.

1. Cruisin' Your Way
2. Around The Corner
3. All Together Now
4. Unforgettable Feeling
5. Sweet Memories
6. Day & Night
7. Sunnyside
8. Sweet Emotion
9. What's Up Charlie?
10. Chase In The Urban Jungle
11. In The Past

Gota's Homepage
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J.A.M - Jazzy Joint feat. Jose James (video)

J.A.M is Josei, Akita Goldman, and Midorin from Soil & "Pimp" Sessions.

Down to the Bone - Spread the Word

Acid Jazz - Down to the Bone - Spread the Word

People who complain that today's contemporary jazz is a bit too smooth need to get the word on this outfit and in particular its third disc, which follows in the tradition of British acts like Brand New Heavies that blend acid jazz, jazz, pop, retro soul, modern R&B, and (dare we discern) a little disco?

The funky and bluesy bounce and throb of the opening cut, "Keep on Keepin' On," is hard to resist. Mixing brass and the piano riffs of Neil Angilley creates an hypnotic effect over a punchy retro soul guitar flavor by Tony Remy. But the core tune is driven by the alto sax of Adrian Revell.

So many elements, a simple description can't contain them all. "Sound as a Pound" opens with some modern synth effects and a croaking bassline combined with Remy's retro rhythm guitars; the lead is given to Angilley's playful jazzy piano melody, and a horn section comes in after a few bars to echo his jumpy spirit. "Bridgeport Boogie" is like a classic Crusaders tune, all dancing horn melody over Rhodes and electric organ for that perfect simmering '70s sheen.

Interesting that the tune named "Righteous Reeds" begins with such a dramatic percussion jungle; the horns are fine, but the least dynamic part of the song! "The Backburner" begins the same way, giving percussionist Satin Singh a dramatic showcase for himself. "Downtown Shuffle" is all wah-wah guitar, pounding bass energy, and whimsical brass that soars to the heavens.

A lot of instrumental albums these days take a breather for a radio-ready ballad, but these guys might consider such a break unimaginative or downright blasphemous. So might the listener who keeps on boppin' along.

1. Keep On Keepin' On
2. Sound As A Pound
3. Righteous Reeds
4. Bridge Port Boogie
5. Soul Brother No.1
6. Downtown Shuffle
7. Black Choice
8. The Backburner
9. The Lowdown
10. Mighty Mighty Fine

Down to the Bone's Website

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Orange Pekoe - Organic Plastic Music (repost)

Orange Pekoe is a Japanese Jazz duo consisting of Tomoko Nagashima (lyrics, and all vocals), and Kazuma Fujimoto (guitar, composition, arrangement and programming).

The two first met through a university music club and started a band with other students, but soon broke off and started work as a duo.

They made big waves throughout the Japanese indie scene before being signed to BMG Records. Their first major label single release (Happy Valley) remained at #1 on radio air play charts for nearly two months. Organic Plastic Music sold over 300,000 copies, and reached #5 on the Oricon charts.

01. Introduction
02. Ai no Izumi
03. Taiyo no Kakera
04. Adaigo
05. 12 Months
06. Happy Valley
07. Sanctuary
08. Kioku
09. Yawaraka na Yoru
11. bottle
12. Shinkaigyo
14. tiny, baby

Orange Pekoe's Website

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Tales From The Beach EPK

Electronic Press Kit for Incognito's new album Tales From The Beach.

Featuring an intimate live performance of new tracks and behind the scenes footage of recent video 'I've Been Waiting'.

Songs in order of appearance:
Always There
I've Been Waiting
Step Aside
When The Sun Comes Down

Artists featured:
Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick
Maysa Leak
Francis Hylton
Matt Cooper
Joy Rose
Tony Momrelle
Sid Gauld
Trevor Mires
Paul Greenwood
Jeffrey Daniel.

Fopp, Covent Garden.
3 Mills Studios, Bow.
Jazz Café, Camden.

HD version with extended interviews and performances available for purchase.

©JYOKES Productions MMVIII

K-Creative - Q.E.D. (Question Everything Done) (repost)

Throughout the years, Ski Oakenfull has made a lot of impact in the acid jazz world. He first emerged on the scene in 1991 as a part of K-Creative, one of the initial signings to the then newly established Talkin' Loud Records.

Ski Co-wrote & co-produced K-Creatives debut album 'QED (Question Everything Done)', combining positive hip hop lyrcis with the classic acid jazz sound. After the albums release, the band toured extensively throughout Europe and Japan.

K-Creative only made the one album, but Ski went on to work with acts such as Raw Stylus, Galliano, Incognito and more recently in 2 Banks of 4.

01. To be free (Brother John)
02. Remember where ya came from
03. Q.E.D. (Question everything done)
04. Hook, Line & Sinker
05. K-Spelz Knowledge
06. Summer Breeze
07. Three times a maybe
08. Tynebomb
09. The new tower of babel
10. Back to the real world
11. Give ya the elbow
12. To be free (silent blues mix)
13. Back to the real world (ambient mix)

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Ski Oakenfulls Myspace Page

Mondo Grosso - Best

Japanese only collection of singles, remixes & rare tracks.13 tracks in all. Featuring, 'Vibe PM (Funky Samba Mix), 'Slow It Down (Original Album Mix)', 'That's How It Is (Live)', 'Do You See What I See', 'Give Me A Reason', 'Laughter In The Rain' & more.

1 Anger (Rhymin' for Original)
2 Vibe-EP-em (Funky Samba mix)
3 Souffles H
4 Tree, Air, and Rain on the Earth
5 Invisible Man (Original Brown)
6 Espirito, Alleglia, Emosau
7 Family
8 Do You See What I See
9 Give Me a Reason
10 Slow It Down (original album mix)
11 Laughter in the Rain
12 Closer
13 That's How It Is (live version)

Mondo Grosso - Laughter in the Rain

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Galliano - The Plot Thickens

Though the grooves are just as tight five years on from the debut Galliano album, The Plot Thickens features the group's expanded eco-political focus on "Twyford Down" and "Long Time Gone."

Elsewhere, "Blood Lines" and "Rise and Fall" chart sing-along acid-jazz.

1. Was This the Time
2. Blood Lines
3. Rise and Fall
4. Twyford Down
5. What Colour Our Flag, Part 1
6. Cold Wind
7. Down in the Gulley
8. Long Time Gone
9. Believe
10. Do You Hear
11. Travels the Road
12. Better All the Time
13. Little One

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Galliano - A Joyful Noise Unto The Creator (repost)

Galliano was a London based acid jazz group, started up in 1988. The group was the first ever signing to Eddie Piller and Gilles Peterson's Acid Jazz Records.

A loose collective during its first years, the group comprised Gallagher with raps and turntables, vocalist Valerie Étienne (aka Auntie Val), guitarist Mark Vandergucht, bass player Ernie McKone, drummer Crispin Taylor, keyboard player Mick Talbot (formerly with the Style Council), and contributors Brother Spry, Daddy Smith, and, occasionally, Roy Ayers.

Galliano's first release was the 1989 single "Frederick Lies Still," a tender play on the Superfly anthem "Freddie's Dead" by Curtis Mayfield.
The band's debut full-length, In Pursuit of the 13th Note, followed two years later on Talkin' Loud.

A Joyful Noise Unto the Creator was released in 1992, after which, Galliano received an American contract and released What Colour Our Flag as a basic trainer (the album compiled the best tracks from the first two LPs).

The Plot Thickens, issued in 1995, was the group's proper U.S. debut. A year later, Galliano returned with 4 (Four).

01. Grounation Part 1
02. Jus' Reach
03. Skunk Funk
04. Earth Boots
05. Phantom
06. Jazz-
07. New World Order
08. So Much Confusion
09. Totally Together
10. Golden Flower
11. Prince Of Peace
12. Grounation Part 2

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The Masterplan - Diana Brown & Barrie K Sharpe (video)

Diana Brown & Barrie K Sharpe & The Masterplan. Originally released in 1990, mainly turning out a series of funk & rare groove inspired 12?s and one LP. Plenty of heavyweight house producers re-mixed their tracks including David Morales, Joey Negro & Larry Heard.

Incognito - I've Been Waiting (video)

"I've Been Waiting" is the first release from Incognito's brand new album, Tales From The Beach.

Jhelisa - Friendly Pressure Video

Originally released in 1994 on the album 'Galactica Rush', this track is a classic and was re-released with Sunship remixes in 1998 and covered by Maysa Leak. New remixes from the Amalgamation Of Soundz were released in early 2008.

Liquid Soul - Evolution

No one is going to accuse the '70s of being the decade that time forgot. From soul, funk, and disco to heavy metal, hard rock, new wave, and punk, the '70s left a lasting impression on popular culture -- and when the 21st century rolled around, there were plenty of young Gen-X bands who had a major '70s fixation.

Liquid Soul is among the many '90s/2000s outfits who brings an obsession with '70s African-American culture to the table; on Evolution, the Chicago residents make no secret of their passion for '70s soul, '70s funk, and '70s jazz-funk. Thankfully, Liquid Soul does it better than most of the competition. The songs (some instrumental, some with vocals) are generally memorable, and the punchy, well-oiled horn section is as a tight as a black leather corset -- clearly, Liquid Soul longs for the days when horn bands like Earth, Wind & Fire, the Ohio Players, Parliament/Funkadelic, and Tower of Power were all over black radio.

But as retro-'70s as much of Evolution tends to be, Liquid Soul does offer some acknowledgment of early-2000s tastes. "Soul" and "Nina's in Jail," for example, are inviting rap items, but unlike most hip-hoppers, Liquid Soul's vocalists rap over real instruments instead of sticking to programmed electronic beats. It should be noted that although the Chicagoans' use of rapping on some tracks is meant to demonstrate that they aren't oblivious to 21st century black music, even hip-hop has a '70s connection.

Early East Coast MCs like Kurtis Blow and Grandmaster Flash started performing in the late '70s, although it wasn't until the '80s that hip-hop really exploded commercially and acquired a huge international following. Evolution won't go down in history as trying to reinvent the wheel, but for die-hard fans of '70s black music, this lively CD is well worth obtaining.

1. Action Jackson
2. Sun Ra
3. La La
4. Nina's In Jail
5. I Was Meant To Be Rich
6. Bossa Interlude
7. Mercedes
8. This & That
9. Soul
10. Mean Machine
11. Rage Experiment
12. The Lonely Bull

Liquid Soul's Website

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Refreshed, Reuploaded & Rewound

Due to popular demand, some old posts have been given a new lease of life, if you know what I mean. Check out the comments of the following posts for fresh linkage. Enjoy...

Skunkhour - Skunkhour
Incognito - Bees + Things + Flowers
Incognito - Eleven
Liquid Soul - Here's The Deal
Down To The Bone - Cellar Funk

Ronny Jordan - The Quiet Revolution

Ronny Jordan emerged from the British club jazz explosion of the 1990s seemingly determined to salvage the jazz guitar from middle class cocktail bars and make it hip again. He had a world-wide hit with his jazz-funk cover of "So What" and with The Quiet Revolution had two acid jazz compilation favourites released: "Season For Change", with Gangstarr's lead rapper Guru, and "The Jackal" featuring poetess Dana Bryant. The latter being surprisingly disconcerting for a dance hit: a haunting story of a mysterious ghetto figure it aims at the head as well as the feet.

Throughout the album Jordan's playing is accomplished rather than amazing and is usually to be found propelling amiable jazz-funk tunes. His playing is neat and compact, and if it lacks a little emotional depth it is attractive nonetheless. So maybe the album title is rather misleading, a more accurate one would have been "gentle reform", but then that doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Still, it is well worth your vote.

1. Season for Change
2. In Full Swing
3. Slam in a Jam
4. Mr. Walker
5. Jackal
6. Come With Me
7. Morning After
8. Under Your Spell
9. Tinsel Town Listen
10. Vanston Place (Oo Am)

Ronny Jordan's Website

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Ronny Jordan - The Antidote (re-up)

One of the acid jazz movement's most prominent guitarists, London-born Ronny Jordan is widely credited with returning the instrument to its rightful place as a major force in modern-day jazz; despite outcries from purists, few other artists of his era proved more pivotal in knocking down the long-immutable boundaries of contemporary black music.

The son of a preacher, Jordan's early musical history was rooted in gospel; his first public performances were with gospel groups, but the outbreak of Brit-funk during the early '80s led him to begin exploring other avenues of music, culminating in a fascination with jazz. A self-taught guitarist, his early influences included Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, and Grant Green, and when hip-hop began to take off, Jordan started exploring ways to fuse jazz and rap together.

Ronny signed his first record ideal with Universal Island in July 1991, and started work on his debut release, the Antidote. The rest as they say, is history. Ronny "crossed over" instantly with his first release, the first ever international jazz guitar pop chart hit, Miles Davis’s "So What" which was completed on the same night Miles Davis passed away."The Antidote" became a global smash not just because of "So What" - which became the definitive Acid Jazz tune - but also because of his signature tune "After Hours" - the first and most important smooth jazz guitar classic which introduced Ronny to the US market.

01. Get to Grips
02. Blues Grinder
03. After Hours (The Antidote)
04. See the New
05. So What
06. Show Me (Your Love)
07. Nite Spice
08. Summer Smile
09. Cool and Funky

Ronny Jordan's Website

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Count Basic - Life Think It Over

When Peter Legat brought his project Count Basic to life in 1993, he instantaneously received a record deal. Encouraged by the huge success of his first single "ALL TIME HIGH" in Austria, he flew to London in order to produce his first album. Ernie Mckone invited the cream of the crop of acid jazz musicians to the studio to produce the first album "LIFE THINK IT OVER" . This was when Peter Legat met the New Yorker singer Kelli Sae. She was won over for this first project and has been a consistant component of COUNT BASIC ever since.

In 1994 Count Basic released their debut album "Life Think It Over". Their first big hit "All Time High" was followed by "So Close" ,which developed into an absolute long-running success on radio. With "M.L.In The Sunshine", Count Basic was even able to deliver a No. 1 hit to American NAC radio, staying on top for 11 consecutive weeks- also achieving top airplay chart positions in Japan, Italy, France and Austria.

1. Prelude
2. Is It Real
3. M.L. In The Sunshine (Instr.)
4. Jazz In The Hous
5. So Close
6. All Time High
7. Animal Print (Instr.)
8. Strange Life
9. Hide & Seek
10. Healer
11. Joy, Peace & Happiness
12. Walk Tall (Instr.)

Count Basic's Website

Count Basic's MySpace Page

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Count Basic - No Visible Scars - Music Video

Incognito - Tales From The Beach

Tales From The Beach was recorded in Italy, Germany, Indonesia, London, and mixed in Jakarta. It is an album of 15 refreshing & uplifting songs, each beautifully crafted; with guest vocals from Maysa Leak on 'I've Been Waiting', Tony Momrelle turns in a stunning vocal on 'When The Sun Comes Down'; with other highlights including the four to the floor stomper, 'Step Aside' and 'N.O.T.', an acid jazz-flavoured tracks with horns reminiscent of the Average White Band.

1. Step Aside
2. I've Been Waiting
3. When The Sun Comes Down
4. Love, Joy And Understanding
5. I Come Alive
6. Happy People
7. N.O.T.
8. Freedom To Love
9. I Remember A Time
10. It May Rain Sometime
11. Never Look Back
12. When Words Are Just Words
13. Feel The Pressure
14. Silence Of My Mind
15. Tales From The Beach

Incognito's Website

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Smoove - Dead Men's Shirts

Smoove is a producer of breakbeat and electronic music signed to Acid Jazz. Smoove has been on the scene for a while, as part of Ultragroove, Ashbrooke Allstars and producing for Rubberneck and remixing many well-known and lesser-known artists. In 1995 he created his first solo-tracks for the soundtrack to “sprung” (an extreme sports video), of which the track "He Won’t Get Far" was released as a single. In 2000 a cd with his old material was passed to the owner of Acid Jazz, reulting in his first release; Dead Men’s Shirts in 2004.

1. Man With Two Watches
2. Coming Back
3. Big Balls
4. Revolution Will Be Televised
5. Brownest Eyes
6. Jacks Creation
7. All This Love That I'm Giving
8. As If
9. Woman
10. 4 Real
11. Faraway
12. Words
13. Ceefax

Smoove's MySpace Page

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Down to the Bone - From Manhattan to Staten

Down to the Bone is an acid jazz group led by DJ Stuart Wade, who formed the band with Chris Morgans (who has now left) in 1996. The group is very popular in the UK, where they are "hailed as the kings of UK jazz groove." Their music is a mix of funk and jazz.

Down to the Bone is unique in that the leader, Stuart Wade, does not play any instruments at all. Instead, Wade uses a dictaphone to hum tunes into, which are then recorded by the band (whose members constantly change).

From Manhattan to Staten is the 1997 debut album from the British band.

1. Staten Island Groove
2. Brooklyn Heights
3. Savour the Flavour
4. Muesli Brown
5. Yo Mama's So Phat
6. Touch of Voodoo
7. 17 Mile Drive
8. Carlito's Way
9. 3 Days in Manhattan
10. On the Corner of Darcy Street

Down to the Bone's Website

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Incognito - Beneath the Surface

Incognito's "Beneath the Surface" is a wonderful set of smooth/acid jazz at its best. Maysa returns on this effort after being away on the "100 Degree and Rising" set and it's a welcomed return. Her vocals range from strong (Out of the Storm), to tender (Shades of Blue, Misunderstood), to sensual (All that You Want Me to Be). This effort showcases what a wonderful vocalist Maysa is and how talented Bluey is in bringing the music and the voice together.

1. Solar Fire
2. Labour Of Love
3. Beneath The Surface
4. Shade Of Blue
5. Without You
6. Misunderstood
7. Hold On To Me
8. Living Against The River
9. She Wears Black
10. Fountain Of Life
11. Out Of The Storm
12. Dark Side Of The Cog
13. All That You Want Me To Be
14. Sunchild

Incognito's Website

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Dodge City Productions - Steppin' Up and Out

Dodge City Productions (DCP) were a British hip hop/Acid jazz group based in London formed by IG Culture (real name Ian Grant) and DJ Dodge (real name Roger Drakes). They were one of the leaders of the Acid Jazz movement, and also received much acclaim and success for their remixes, usually done as "City Lick". The group split in the early 1990s, and both members went to have further success in the music industry as solo artists.

1. Unleash Your Love
2. Together
3. As Long As We're Around
4. What Colour My Life Is
5. Steppin' Up And Out
6. Road In Front Of Me
7. Ain't Going For That
8. Jus' Cool
9. Young Life (Reminisce)
10. Understand This
11. People (Come On)
12. Music Is Music
13. Love Power (Heart Mind Soul Body)
14. Slow Jam

Get Dodge City Productions - Steppin' Up and Out at Amazon

Heroes of UK Hip Hop's DCP page
Discogs DCP page
DJ Dodge's home page

Dodge City Productions - As Long as Were Around' Video

Debut Video From The U.K. Jazz Rap Duo Dodge City Productions From Their 1993 Debut Album 'Steppin Up And Out. Dj Dodge And I.G. Culture

Incognito Joins Heads Up Label For 'Tales From The Beach'


British neo-soul and acid jazz group Incognito have signed a new recording contract with U.S. label Heads Up International. The group, led by guitarist and producer Bluey Maunick, will release their new CD, Tales From The Beach, on June 24th.

"I'm pleased to be part of a team that will let me do what I do best, and see my music for what it is," said Maunick. "Heads Up is a label that understands the worlds of jazz, soul and R&B, and how they all fit together."

While the Incognito lineup has changed over the years, the new album will once again feature the talents of drummer Richard Bailey, bassist Francis Hylton, keyboardist Matt Cooper, and vocalists Tony Momrelle, Joy Rose and Imaani.

The title of the new CD, Tales From The Beach, is drawn for Maunick's experiences growing up in on the African coastal island of Mauritius.

"When I was a kid, my first taste of music came from the beaches," he says. "I spent a lot of time listening to the hotel bands, or the bands playing around the bonfires and cookouts. It's a small island, so there were beaches everywhere. I was always watching live musicians play. So for inspiration for this album, I went back to various beaches around the world -- in Italy, Indonesia and elsewhere -- and just let the music flow."

Incognito's last CD release was 2006's Bees + Things + Flowers, which featured covers of four of their own past hits as well as versions of tunes by Earth, Wind & Fire, America, Roy Ayers, and others.

D'Influence - Good 4 We

D-Influence followed in the wake of the UK Soul explosion fronted by Soul II Soul in the early 90's. The Young Disciples, The Brand New Heavies, Galliano, Jamiroquai and D-Influence all forged ahead and established an alternative to the cookie-cutter "New Jack Swing" that could not be escaped in the early 90's. Oddly enough and almost a decade later the "neo soul" movement is here. One listen to this album and you will see where many of the so called "neo -soul" school took their cue.

The album is just classic. It has great songs, great string arrangements, great vocals and great instrumentation. Sarah Ann Webb's voice is similar to Sade's on this release. The first time I heard "Funny How Things Change" on the radio in '92 I thought it was Sade. There's great samples like the horns from Curtis Mayfield's "Eddie You Should Know Better" on "Sweetest Things". Drum rolls sampled from Parliament's "Do That Stuff". Even a Pac-Man video game sample is used as instrumentation on "Changes". There's a few downplayed hip hop samples dispersed throughout for texture. The instrumentals range from latin("Instantly") to dissected hip hop on ("The Classic")(beastie boys?).

Good 4 We is an album that is subtle and powerful. The album is rooted in funk and the lyrics are sometimes double edged between the socio-political and romatic but always emotional. Some psychodelic hippie ethos informs their sound as well as knods to 70's inspired soul. Their stripped down sound would mature into stronger, more full bodied songs on their follow- up "Prayer 4 Unity in 1995.

1 Good Lover
2 Journey
3 I'm The One
4 Funny (How Things Change)
5 Good 4 We
6 For You I Sing This Song
7 Instantly
8 No Illusions
9 Sweetest Things
10 Changes
11 Sign
12 The Classic

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D'Influence - Good 4 We Video

The UK acid jazz collective D'Influence comprised vocalist Sarah Anne Webb, guitarist and keyboardist Ed Baden-Powell, keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Kwame Kwaten and drummer Steve Marston.

Debuting in 1992 with Good 4 We, the group resurfaced in 1995 with Prayer 4 Unity; they also emerged among the leading production teams in contemporary British R&B, helming hits for Mark Morrison and Shola Ama, whose debut LP Much Love appeared on D'Influence's own Freakstreet label.

Their third album, London, followed in 1997.

The Greyboy Allstars "Still Waiting" Music Video

The Greyboy Allstars music video for the song "Still Waiting" from the release from the 2007 release, "What Happened to Television?"

Directed by Josh Hassin and Matt Goldman.
Produced By Akjak Moving Pictures.

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Repost - Various Artists - Acid Jazz and Other Illicit Grooves

Label: Polydor
Released: 1988

Compiled by Gilles Peterson

01 - Jalal - Introduction.mp3
02 - Ace Of Clubs - Ace Of Club.mp3
03 - Jalal - Jalal.mp3
04 - Push - Traffic.mp3
05 - Aja (Acid Jazz Alliance) - Shaft In Action.mp3
06 - Jalal - Jalal.mp3
07 - Galliano And The Jazz Renegades - Six Sharp Fists.mp3
08 - Night Trains - And Now We Have Rhythm.mp3
09 - Jalal - A Refreshing Interlude.mp3
10 - Rhythm Blades - Doin'It Naturally.mp3
11 - Push - Traffic [Dub].mp3

New Podcast with Snowboy Interview

Just discovered a new podcast over at 209 Radio called Beatnik. They are spinning some serious grooves, and as a bonus, they have an exclusive interview with UK Latin legend Snowboy.

From the Jazz Dance scene through to the Acid Jazz/Talkin Loud years, the Latin explosion of the mid-nineties, the albums, the collaborations and the recent tour with Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse.

They get the scoop, the lowdown, the backstage info and all the latest news on the forthcoming album from the UK's best Latin percussionist and band leader.

Martine Girault - Revival

Martine hails from Brooklyn, New York. At the young age of twelve she was already charming audiences, having taken over from Stephanie Mills in the lead role as Dorothy in Broadway musical The Wiz. This led to theatre and stage work all over the world. Martine had been touring in the UK in 1991 when she met Ray Hayden from Opaz Productions during a recording with Amii Stewart. A documentary featuring footage taken during the making of her 1991 debut LP is currently being compiled.

It's been over a decade since Martine Girault's debut single Revival hit the charts, and in every sense it is a true urban classic. In 1992 it was voted best soul record of the year at the world DMC music awards, having entered the charts at number 1. Her performance at the Royal Albert Hall was broadcast live on Kiss FM. DJs like Bob Jones, Giles Peterson and David Rodigan played a major role in breaking the record.

Revival found its way onto numerous film soundtracks including Bullet with Mickey Rourke and legendary rapper Tu Pac Shakur, and more recently featured in Meg Ryan's controversial In The Cut. Nescafe added flavour to their TV advertising with Revival and it has featured on over thirty compilation CDs.

1. Intro (Interlude)
2. Bring Back Our Love
3. Good Love
4. Been Thinking 'Bout You
5. Love to Love You Baby
6. These Are the Best Days
7. Don't Dog Me
8. Revival
9. We've Got Tomorrow
10. Special
11. I Wish
12. Soulfully Yours
13. Outro (Interlude)

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Interview with Martine at The After Dark Network

Jay Kay Interviews

An interview with Jay Kay about the singles: 'Emergency On Planet Earth & Return of the Space Cowboy' (1992-1994)

An interview with Jay Kay about the singles: 'Return of the Space Cowboy & Travelling Without Moving' (1994-1996)

Soulive - Vapor

Soulive playing Vapor - Live in NYC

The Quiet Boys - Dazzle

Chris Bangs is the former top UK soul/ jazz DJ, widely credited with the birth of Acid Jazz as a musical genre. He was one of the UK's original "Special Branch" DJ's along with Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold, Giles Peterson and Bob Jones. He has written with Courtney Pine and produced Paul Weller, Roy Ayers and Galliano.

The Quiet Boys sophisticated new album "Dazzle" is released on writer/ producer Chris Bangs' label Thin Air Productions. It contains all the elements we have come to expect from the acid jazz aficionado plus one or two wonderful additions, including the vocal talents of Camelle Hinds.

1. Guiding Light
2. Dazzle
3. Everybody Loves the Sunshine
4. Chance for Peace
5. Bosh Tres Bien
6. Way up There
7. Always Be the One
8. State of Mind
9. Play to Win
10. Watuzl Strut
11. Late Exit
12. Future Cliche

Chris Bang's Website

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What is Acid Jazz?

Acid jazz (also known as club jazz) is a musical genre that combines elements of soul music, funk, disco, particularly looping beats and modal harmony. It developed over the 1980s and 1990s and could be seen as tacking the sound of jazz-funk onto electronic dance/pop music.

The compositions of groups such as The Brand New Heavies and Incognito often feature chord structures usually associated with Jazz music. The Heavies in particular were known in their early years for beginning their songs as catchy pop and rapidly steering them into jazz territory before "resolving" the composition and thus not losing any pop listeners but successfully "exposing" them to jazz elements in "baby steps".

The acid jazz "movement" is also seen as a "revival" of jazz-funk or jazz fusion or soul jazz by leading DJs such as Norman Jay or Gilles Peterson or Patrick Forge, also known as "rare groove crate diggers".