Exodus Quartet - Way Out There

Formed in 1991 by Eric Hilton and Fari Ali, Exodus Quartet sought to recreate the sound of Washington, DC's Exodus acid jazz club. Their only album, 1996's Way Out There, featured many guest musicians and was released following a plethora of compilation appearances. Hilton went on to co-found Thievery Corporation.

01 Introduction
02 What's That
03 Gatos
04 Perfect Vibe
05 Red
06 18th Street
07 Summer Soulstice
08 Trance Jazz
09 Orbit
10 Corcovado
11 Groove Gumbo
12 Taxi Ride
13 Our Man in Havana
14 Tribute to Mr. Cool

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Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy (Alternative Version)

Talkin' Loud Sampler Volume 2

01. Hide And Seek - Urban Species
02. Hungry Like A Baby - Galliano
03. Colibri - Incognito
04. You've Got To Move - Omar
05. Back To The Real World - K-Creative
06. All I Have In Me - Young Disciples
07. Marxman (Theme) - Marxman
08. Qui Semme Le Vente Recolte Le Tempo - MC Solaar
09. Serious Love - Perception
10. I Commit - Powell, Bryan
11. Take Me Now - Payne, Tammy
12. Apparently Nothin' - Young Disciples
13. There's Nothing Like This - Omar
14. Prince Of Peace - Galliano
15. Always There - Incognito

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[re:jazz] People hold on

Video has been filmed during a concert in Berlin , September 2006.
Directed by Markus Bader (markusbader.com). "People hold on" is from the new [re:jazz] album "Expansion" on INFRACom!. http://www.rejazz.de, http://www.myspace.com/rejazzde http://www.infracom.de

Acid Jazz Podcast #2

If you prefer to listen to this mix externally, use the links below the embedded player. And, of course, you can download individual tunes by right clicking on them. Enjoy!

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01 Exodus Quartet - Groove Gumbo
02 Galliano - Nothing Has Changed
03 Cloud Nine - Luvbug
04 Soulive - Vapor
05 Urban Species - Religion and Politics
06 A-One - Dont Hold Your Breath
07 Fertile Ground - Peace And Love (Jazztronik Version)
08 Silent Poets - Save The Day (Restless Soul Moontime Mix)
09 Neaco - Petelabass
10 MC Solaar - Qui Semme Le Vente Recolte Le Tempo
11 Urban Species - Blanket
12 Directions In Groove - Same Like B3

Wagon Cookin - Appetizers

The name Wagon Cookin comes from a genuine railway wagon which once ran on the great Trans-Europe-Express at the beginning of the century and is now situated in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos, near Madrid, where Javi and Luis Garayalde used to live until 2003. The two brothers have been cookin up music together since they were kids. Both are extradordinarily gifted musicians of known prestige that are searching for that special and differentiating sound.

The first result of their ambitions was the album Appetizers released in 2002 on their own label. Out of Madrid this Spanish duo have delivered this refreshing debut. Again utilising the sound St Germain revolutionised, Wagon Cooking bring together traditional jazz instrumentation, live vocals and the driving rhythms of the lush European house scene. A colourful and thrilling album, this excellent debut, like the Barrio Jazz Gang, is equally at home in intimate or hospitality settings, and again for those who enjoy the likes of Down To The Bone, St Germain, etc. Recommended.

01 Intro
02 Natural high
03 Salt & Pepper
04 Earth
05 No Complications
06 Appetizer
07 Magic
08 Mar
09 El Primero Con Cuchara
10 Con Un Daiquiri
11 El Segundo Servir Muy Caliente
12 Stretch your mind
13 Hotter than fire
14 One way no way

Wagon Cookin's Website

Wagon Cookin's MySpace Page

Get Wagon Cookin' - Appetizers At Smoke CD's

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Rad - Gotta Be

Rose Ann Dimalanta, a.k.a rad., grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and began playing piano at the age of 4. In 1990 she completed her jazz studies at U.C. Berkeley. The West Coast music scene quickly got hip to rad.'s latin jazz chops and she was soon playing with legendary musicians like Pete Escovedo, Benny Velarde (Cal Tjader), Orestes Vilato (Santana), Ray Obiedo and David Garibaldi among others. Her move to Europe in 1991 marked the beginning of her solo career. With the encouragement of her husband and producer Michael Kirsch (co-founder of the Soulciety Record label), rad. became Rose Ann's solo project, a funk show spiced with latin flavors.

Rad's second release in 1994, "Gotta Be" was praised by critics, DJ's and fans alike. It’s release in Japan put the track "Venus Drops" (featuring the Tower of Power Horns) into the Japanese Billboard Radio charts. Guest appearances on "Gotta Be" by Tower of Power, funk legend Roger Troutman (Zapp), England's Galliano posse, and respected Jazz heavies like Howard Johnson (Miles Davis, Carla Bley) broadened her musical acceptance beyond dance, r&b, and jazz audiences.

01. Gotta Be
02. Trippin'
03. Digging the Bay
04. Come My Way
05. 432 f
06. Never Say Never
07. Venus Drops
08. So Complete
09. Sister
10. Lately

Rads Website

Get Rad - Gotta Be At Amazon

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Omar Hangs Out on Jodines Corner

For all you Omar fans out there, Jodine's Corner has just released a podcast entirely dedicated to the man himself, including an exclusive interview.

So head on over to this page and grab yourself a copy of this pdocast in the format of your choice.

Screen Acid: 18 Acid Jazz Takes on Classic Film & TV Music

Released in 1999, Screen Acid features many of the most popular acid jazz groups of the late '90s covering well-known film and television theme songs.

The James Taylor Quartet are most prominent on this album, performing six of the 18 songs and choosing some of the best-known theme songs such as "Mission Impossible," "Mrs. Robinson" from The Graduate, and "Dirty Harry."

Other performers include Lovetrain, Kozmic Truths, Akimbo, Snowboy, Pippa and the Four From the Top, Van Groove, Goldbug, Flying Squad, Sockadelic, Corduroy, Wipeout, and Mother Earth. These artists perform more obscure theme songs; however, the performances are still quite impressive even if the songs aren't too familiar.

01 The Professionals - Lovetrain
02 Theme from Starsky and Hutch - James Taylor Quartet
03 Dave Allen at Large (Blarney's Stoned) - Kozmic Trooths
04 Mission Impossible - James Taylor Quartet
05 Rollerball (Executive Party) - Akimbo
06 New Avengers - Snowboy
07 Countdown (Calendar Countdown/Disco Conundrum) - Pippa & The Four From The Top
08 Angels - Van Groove
09 Top of the Pops (Whole Lotta Love) - Goldbug
10 Sweeney - Flying Squad
11 Graduate (Mrs. Robinson) - James Taylor Quartet
12 Cricket (Soul Limbo) - Sockadelic
13 Heist (Money Is) - Corduroy
14 Allegretto Per Signora (From the film 'Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene') - Wipeout
15 Dirty Harry - James Taylor Quartet
16 Riot on 103rd Street - Mother Earth
17 Goldfinger - James Taylor Quartet
18 Austin's Theme - James Taylor Quartet

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Acid Jazz Podcast #1

Here's something new for your earholes. Our inaugural podcast. If you like what you hear, please let me know. If there is enough interest (aka, if I get enough positive feedback), I'll continue this on a regular basis. If you prefer to listen to this mix externally, use the links below the embedded player. And, of course, you can download individual tunes by right clicking on them. Enjoy!

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01 The Brand New Heavies - Its Getting Hectic (feat. Gangstarr)
02 Greyboy Allstars - Fried Grease
03 Night Trains - Love Sick
04 Paolo Achenza - Samba Royale
05 Eastwest Connection - Cuppachino
06 Wagon Cookin - Mar
07 Ohm - Sweet Ohm
08 Galliano - Frederick Lies Still
09 Martine Girault - Revival
10 Ronny Jordan - See The New
11 The James Taylor Quartet - Grass Is Not Greener
12 Maysa - All My Life

Rewound, Refreshed & Re-uploaded

For those of you who have arrived late to the party, I extend a warm welcome. I have re-uploaded some of the previous albums that have since died. I won't be making a habit of this, so make the most of them while they live. You'll find the new link in the comments section of the following posts...

  • Galliano - A Joyful Noise Unto The Creator

  • The Story Of Acid Jazz - Disc 1

  • Talkin Loud 1990 - 1994 Disc 2

  • Skunkhour - Skunkhour

  • Brand New Heavies - Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol. 1

  • Galactic - Late For The Future

  • Tab Two - Belle Affaire
  • Sandals - Rite To Silence

    London-based acid jazz quartet the Sandals only lasted for one album, but their ability to sign with a major label and score a pop hit with their single "Feet" was an early indication that trendy club music could comfortably move from the hipster fringes into the mainstream. Naturally, some despise them for this, but the group's two releases, the full-length Rite to Silence and the EP Cracked, are superb early-'90s dance records.

    The roots of the Sandals are in the South London club scene of the mid-'80s. Ian Simmonds, Derek Delves, Will Blanchard, and John Harris were friends who met round the clubs, clothing stores, record stalls, and other focal points of the local nightlife. Delves ran a weekly club night called Violets that grew to include spoken word and performance art as well as painting and photography exhibits. In 1990, the foursome opened a stall called Rich and Strange in London's Trocadero, selling records, books, and clothes to like-minded hipsters. As they ran the shop, the foursome also began rehearing in its storage room, with Delves on lead vocals and percussion, Harris on various reed instruments, Simmonds on bass, and Blanchard on drums. (Interestingly, the group never had a full-time guitar or keyboard player, preferring to deputize friends on a song-by-song basis.)

    Eddie Piller, owner of London's Acid Jazz Records, became the Sandals' manager in 1991, organizing both an exhibition of the group's artwork in Los Angeles' Marquart Gallery, and a set of demos with producers Paul Daley and Neil Barnes (also known as Leftfield) that attracted the attention of London Records. Although the group was dubious about the implications of signing with a major label, most of them were married and starting families, and so the lure of a large paycheck proved irresistible. London released Rite to Silence, preceded by the single "Profound Gas," in early 1994. The second single, "Feet," was a hit and the album got generally positive reviews. But the A&R executive who signed the Sandals left the company shortly after the album's release, and the band felt that his replacement neither enjoyed nor understood their music. After an EP, 1995's Cracked, that is now seen by some as one of the essential early documents of trip-hop, the Sandals recorded a new album with Luke Gordon, aka Spacer, who had produced the EP. London rejected the album and the group, already suffering internal dissent, split up in early 1996. Ian Simmonds went on to release several well-received, jazz-oriented solo records under his own name and the pseudonym Juryman, and formed his own ATL label, short for "All That's Left," a rueful comment on the group's fractious demise. Derek Delves worked with United Future Organization, while Will Blanchard drummed for both Dot Allison and Beth Orton.

    01 Feet
    02 Nothing
    03 No Movement
    04 Change
    05 Ardens Bud
    06 We Wanna Live
    07 We Don't Wanna Be the Ones to Take the Blame
    08 Lovewood
    09 Here Comes the Sign
    10 Profound Dub

    Get The Sandals - Rite To Silence At Amazon

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    4 Hero - Star Chasers (1998)

    DisJam - DisJam

    The Hamburg acid-jazz troupe known as disJam increasingly slanted their instrumental talents toward the electronica and trip-hop crowds. Formed in the early '90s, the band came together around keyboard player Ralf Petter, bassist Sascha Panknin, percussionist Oliver Schumacher, guitarist Volker Kurnoth, and reed player Ole Janssen.

    The collective soon became popular on the continental acid-jazz scene, and recorded their self-titled debut album in 1995 (it also earned American distribution through Instinct's This Is Acid Jazz series). Gradually shedding instrumentalists as the focus turned to electronic music and dance-jazz fusion, disJam recorded three albums for Yo Mama, often with help from vocalists (the 1996 album Phuturing the Poetry of Lemn Sissay was a collaboration with Sissay, a Manchester poet). In 1998, the band -- basically down to a trio of Panknin, Petter, and Schumacher, plus new addition Christoph Kähler on vocals (occasionally) and guitar -- signed to Shadow Records and released Return of the Manchurian. Once again distributed in America, disJam returned in 2000 with Hybrid Honey.

    01. Intro
    02. Wake Up
    03. Peter Bond
    04. When Its Cold
    05. Point Black
    06. Softboiled
    07. Stoned On War
    08. Junk
    09. Strange City
    10. The Storyteller
    11. Denmark
    12. Outro

    Get DisJam - DisJam At Amazon

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    Koop - Koop Islands

    Welcome to Koop Islands. A place where music and life swing to a slightly different drum.

    It's been four years since we last heard from the Stockholm based duo of Oscar Simonsson and Magnus Zingmark. Their album Waltz for Koop slowly but surely found it's way into the hearts of more than 160,000 record buyers across the globe. Then followed the world tours, the two sets a night at the Blue Note in Tokyo and hundreds of remixes, until finally last year they found themselves back in Stockholm able to begin work on what was to become Koop Islands.

    Where Waltz For Koop was steeped in a modern - and modernist - take on 60s jazz and Swedish songstressess from the time (Monica Zetterlunds name was mentioned more times than the group thought was fair), Koop Islands has - despite its name - very little to do with romanticising the Stockholm archipelago. Rather, it goes much, much further south west, all the way down the caribbiean for inspiration. That's where you'll find Koop Islands on their imaginary world map.
    Also, Magnus and Oscar realised that sometimes the only way forwards is to go as far back in history as possible. "I think we can do that," says Magnus. "Our music is created in a post-sampling world where everything is possible. Even time travel. That's why we just laugh if someone calls what we do retro."

    So back they went. Back to the swing of the 1930s, the exoticism of forgotten orchestras and entertainers performing on late 40s yacht cruises to Jamaica. The characteristic Koop vibes now joined by marimbas, furious gene krupaesque jungle drums (just listen to them rip on Forces... Darling) and an ever present Cape Verdean Blues with just a hint of Mento that would have made islanders in European exile, like the recently salvaged Lord Kitchener & His Friends, nod in approval.

    This journey in time and music is what forms the foundation Koop Islands was built on...

    "We play jazz", says Oscar. "It's as simple as that. We can't do pop, electronica, techno or whatever because we're just no good at it. Knowing this and having accepted it we can basically do whatever we want. If we wanna explore and pick up pieces from, say, 1929 - we can." On their travels towards Koop Islands they were joined by their inner circle of friends, some of whom you might remember from Waltz For Koop.

    The amazing Yukimi Nagano with her free flowing vocals and her male counterpart - the criminally underrated Mikael Sundin. Ex-Galliano main man Rob Gallagher tells a heartbreaking tale that weaves together tennis ace Björn Borg with the sad story of the passing of a mother.

    And, last but no way least, on the album's title track the Norwegian singer-songwriter Ane Brun heads out on her virgin tour of the Islands. Even though Magnus and Oscars hearts and souls are filled with exotic and eclectically swinging sounds the whole album was recorded in their own tiny studio on Stockholms Södermalm.

    If you listen very carefully you can hear the number 4 bus go by on the snowy street outside.

    01. Koop Island Blues (feat. Ane Brun)
    02. Come To Me (feat. Yukumi Nagano)
    03. Forces ... Darling (feat. Earl Zinger)
    04. I See A Different You (feat. Yukumi Nagano)
    05. Let's Elope (feat. Mikael Sundin)
    06. The Moonbounce
    07. Beyond The Sun (feat. Earl Zinger)
    08. Whenever There Is You (feat. Yukumi Nagano)
    09. Drum Rhythm A (Music For Ballet Exercises)

    Koops Website
    Koops MySpace Page

    Get Koop - Koop Islands At Amazon

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    From the Jazzhole's second album, ...And the Feeling Goes Round, a feel-good cover of the classic Earth, Wind and Fire song, featuring singers Michelle Lewis, Marlon Saunders, and Rosa Russ, rapper Ahmed Best, as well as founding members Warren Rosenstein, Kevin DiSimone and John Pondel, as well as Pete Mark and Julio Acosta. Jazz bassist Scott Colley was a guest player on this early track. Directed by Jim Gabour.

    Various - Acid Jazz And Other Illicit Grooves

    Label: Polydor
    Released: 1988

    Compiled by Gilles Peterson

    01 - Jalal - Introduction.mp3
    02 - Ace Of Clubs - Ace Of Club.mp3
    03 - Jalal - Jalal.mp3
    04 - Push - Traffic.mp3
    05 - Aja (Acid Jazz Alliance) - Shaft In Action.mp3
    06 - Jalal - Jalal.mp3
    07 - Galliano And The Jazz Renegades - Six Sharp Fists.mp3
    08 - Night Trains - And Now We Have Rhythm.mp3
    09 - Jalal - A Refreshing Interlude.mp3
    10 - Rhythm Blades - Doin'It Naturally.mp3
    11 - Push - Traffic [Dub].mp3

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    Brownswood Recordings - New Label on the Block

    Brownswood Recordings is a brand new indie label set up by Gilles Peterson (who has previously been responsible for Acid Jazz Records and Talking Loud) and Heavyweight. From their website...

    We thought it was high time to open up the channels and start releasing some fresh new music. Brownswood is a low-key operation and a labour of love. We just want to put out great, soulful music, no matter where it's from or what the style.

    Gilles is still flying around, dropping unexpected dancefloor gems on party people around the globe. And his Worldwide show on BBC Radio 1 is still a weekly staple for music heads tuning in for anything from moody techno to upfront soul to vintage folk. But there's more music out there than one man can play, andThumb Ben Weestbeech definitely more than a tiny label can release. Still, we plan to put out some choice gems for our collective listening pleasure.

    Releases range from the explosive sounds of groundbreaking Japanese live act Soil & 'Pimp' Sessions - modern jazz, rough around the edges, adrenalin charged, unadulterated entertainment..... to the lush, beat laden orchestral sounds of The Heritage Orchestra. Then there's the much heralded Bristol based soul kid, Ben Westbeech, who dropped his highly anticipated debut single 'So Good Today', backed up by killer remixes from Domu and Osunlade. Oh yeah - and killer compilations like the soon to be released Brownswood Bubblers, the first in what will be a top shelf series of new music hand-picked by Gilles. This one is particularly soulful and delicious, we think you'll agree.

    So thats Brownswood Recordings. It could go any way. The common thread is that we like all this stuff. A lot. And we hope you do too.....

    You can also check out their MySpace page at www.myspace.com/brownswoodrecordings

    What is Acid Jazz?

    Acid jazz (also known as club jazz) is a musical genre that combines elements of soul music, funk, disco, particularly looping beats and modal harmony. It developed over the 1980s and 1990s and could be seen as tacking the sound of jazz-funk onto electronic dance/pop music.

    The compositions of groups such as The Brand New Heavies and Incognito often feature chord structures usually associated with Jazz music. The Heavies in particular were known in their early years for beginning their songs as catchy pop and rapidly steering them into jazz territory before "resolving" the composition and thus not losing any pop listeners but successfully "exposing" them to jazz elements in "baby steps".

    The acid jazz "movement" is also seen as a "revival" of jazz-funk or jazz fusion or soul jazz by leading DJs such as Norman Jay or Gilles Peterson or Patrick Forge, also known as "rare groove crate diggers".