Incognito - Always There (Live Movie)

A preview of the music film 'Always There', coinciding with the forthcoming 30th Anniversary of British acid jazz pioneers - Incognito.

This mini-biopic precedes the death of Paul 'Tubbs' Williams and ultimately the return of former manager Nigel Conway; whom Bluey credits with resurrecting his career.

Filmed using single DV cam.
Location: Jazz Cafe and Clowes
Date: 27/1/08

Chris Bangs Launches 2.0 Music

Here's something that has just blipped on my radar that may well be worth keeping an eye on. For those of you with a passion for Acid Jazz, the name Chris Bangs should ring a bell or two. Chris was one of the pioneers of the "genre", along with Gilles Peterson and Eddie Piller.

Chris Bangs has just teamed up with Mike Sefton to form a new music publishing & production company called 2.0 Music. Their blurb says
"We are a One-Stop music production and licensing solution for TV / Film / Sync / Sonic Recognition / Branding / Audio tags / Websites / Online ads and Viral marketing / Games etc. We own and/or control every right you will ever need .... Global and Solar System , Present and Future in the masters and publishing, so we can negotiate with our clients for super quick "Copyright Clean" usage. We can also create Bespoke music for special projects, ad campaigns, TV themes and Film."
The website has been launched today, not much happening there yet, but definitely something worth keeping an eye on.

New 2.0 Music Website
Chris Bangs Website
Mike Sefton's Website
2pointzero Music Blog

A New Discovery - Philip Clark

For anyone with a true love of music, I really can't stress enough how important it is to become a member of Last.FM and start interacting with the site, and the community that resides there. There is no better place to find new talent and like minded people. Every week I am stunned by a new artist I hadn't heard of before.

This week is no different, I was going through my weekly neighbours list (I like to do this on a weekly basis, Last.FM gives you a list of people who have listened to the same type of music as you over the previous week), and I came across a guy that calls himself DreamchildNYC. DreamchildNYC had spent the week listening to a fair amount of Prince and The Brand New Heavies, so I dropped by to say G'day. Turns out, DreamchildNYC is actually a multi talented musician by the name of Philip Clark. Of course, Philip had some music available on Last.FM, so I thought I'd have a quick listen. I spent the next hour trawling through all of his stuff, he is just that good.

Philip brought an album out in 2001 called "The State of Blue-Eyed Soul", and has played with the Brooklyn Funk Essentials and Groove Collective. He has currently working on his new album, Dreamchilde. Looking forward to it. Check out the links below for some more goodness...

Click play to listen to Philip Clark - Romeo & Juliet

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Philip Clark performing "Free My Mind" at the Bitter End in New York.

Philip Clark's Website
Philip Clark's Artist Page @ Last.FM
Philip Clark's MySpace Page
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Galliano - 4our

Galliano was a London based acid jazz group, started up in 1988. The group was the first ever signing to Eddie Piller and Gilles Peterson's Talkin' Loud label. The original members were Rob Gallagher (vocals), Constantine Weir (vocals), and Crispin Robinson (percussion). Other important members include Valerie Etienne, who participated in the recording of all their CDs, along with other musicians such as Mick Talbot on keyboards, Crispin Taylor on drums and Ernie McKone on bass guitar.

For those of you who know the Galliano of old,then this album will come as a bit of a suprise, because it doesn't really remind you of anything the band have done before,but do not let that put you off.

Granted, the keyboard skills of Mick Talbot and lyrics of Constantine Weir no longer remain, but it still manages to provide the listener with a very funky yet eclectic mix of Rock,soul,pop and even country.

I know it sounds bizarre but this album works on many levels, which enables you to listen to it right the way through without being tiresome or sounding the same,just listen to the haunting sound of Roofing Tiles or even Who ate the Fly.

The main difference with this CD is the fact that it sounds much more polished and slick ,even Rob Gallagher's singing has improved.

1. Who Ate The Fly (Gonna Get You)
2. Ease Your Mind
3. Slack Hands
4. Roofing Tiles
5. Slightly Frayed
6. Best Lives Of Our Days (Featuring Red Snapper)
7. Thunderhead
8. Freefall
9. Some Came
10. Funny How
11. Western Front
12. Who's In Charge
13. Battles Are Brewing (Reprise)

Get Galliano - 4our at Amazon

DJ Uilson - Professor Groove

I love it when I stumble across a new blog, and this one is definitely worth a mention. Not that they are new, they've been spinning the grooves since 06, and some awesome grooves they are. Everything from classic jazz to the hip hop that matters, you really need to check these guys out.

While I'm on the subject, keep an eye down the right hand side of this blog, I am constantly updating the list of bands, blogs, labels and podcasts. You could spend more than a couple of lazy afternoons perusing all the sites I have listed. Enjoy.

The Brand New Heavies - HRE Theme Feat Grand Puba Masta Ace

From Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol. 1

Brownswood Recordings Podcast

Brownswood Recordings has just put together a fantastic 1 hour podcast, showcasing an overview of the talent that the label is involved with, including the Heritage Orchestra, Ben Westbeech, Jose James (officially the smoothest cat on the planet), and the insanely jazzy Japanese mob, Soil & "PIMP" Sessions. Defintely worth an hour of your time. Go and check it out.

Raw Stylus - Pushing Against the Flow

The original Raw Stylus was 'Class-A Sound System Soul'. Ron Aslan and Jules Brookes released white label vinyl records into the funky London club scene, which bloomed post Soul II Soul in the early 90's.

'Pushing Against The Flow' was a big underground tune and later became the title track of the album. Giles Petersen named it his track of the year and Paul Weller claimed it 'should have been a No.1 record' in The Face. Other early singles were: Bright Lights, Big cities; Pushing Against The Flow; Many Ways (Mo' Wax); Use Me (Acid Jazz).

After original singer Debbie French left, it took a couple of years to find a replacement, but they did, with the wonderful Donna Gardier. At the end of this period, they recorded an album in the US on Geffen Records, who insisted that Steely Dan producer Gary Katz got involved. They didn't mind at all, being big Steely Dan fans. The music became more live orientated and they churned out a great record - which was timeless, but not particularly commercial. It is filled with musical talent like Bernard Purdie, Donald Fagen, Randy Brecker as well as many cool players from the 90's London and New York Acid Jazz scenes. A US Billboard dance music No.1 single, 'Believe In Me' came off this album. They were signed to Geffen in the US who were busy promoting Beck and Wu-Tang Clan and didnt really take much notice of them.

They called it a day after touring up till the end of '98. Donna went on to join Sting's back up band, Jules is MD of a successful music college and marketing company ( whilst Ron relocated to Thailand, where he heads up a design company, Cha Cha Supermarket (

1. Pushing Against The Flow
2. Believe In Me
3. 37 Hours (In The U.S.A.)
4. Kings Cross/Daybreak
5. Higher Love
6. Cuban King Breeze
7. Tuesday Afternoon
8. Ridequake
9. Pass Me By
10. Hungry People
11. Change

Raw Stylus's MySpace Page

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Tony Remy & Bluey - First Protocol: Incognito Guitars

A stunning side project First Protocol from Incognito leader Bluey and guitarist Tony Remy, continuing the Incognito tradition of seamlessly blending jazz and house.

Ten cool instrumental tracks featuring guests including Amp Fiddler on keyboards, one-time Incognito keyboard player Graham Harvey, the band's regular bass player Francis Hylton, and Bluey's long-time collaborator Ski Oakenfull handling drum and percussion programming on several of the tracks.

Album opener "Beyond Jupiter" features the jazz funk duelling guitars of Bluey and Tony Remy, several Ski Oakenfull tracks have electronica stylings, and another highlight is the breakbeat cut "The Box" with Remy using his trademark vocoder. "Dans La Mancha" has a Latin/salsa feel with Kevin Robinson on trumpet and flugel horn.

North London-based Tony is one of the world's most exciting guitar players, with a hard-edged, rhythmically driven approach enriched with jazz intuition and bluesy soul. He began his music career over two decades ago. His 1985 band Desperately Seeking Fusion featured Patrick Clahar, Jason Rebello and Julian Crampton. His first solo album was released by US label GRP in 1993.

He has toured with a wide range of musicians and artists, including Courtney Pine, Freddy Hubbard, Lonnie Liston Smith, Lenny White, Omar, Simply Red, Ronnie Laws, Down To The Bone, Nelson Rangell, Maysa and, of course, Incognito.

Jean-Paul `Bluey' Maunick formed Incognito in 1979. 2008 sees the band release their 12th studio album, recorded in London and mixed in Indonesia.

1. Beyond Jupiter
2. First Protocol
3. See No Evil
4. Other Side Of Me
5. Where Did You Go
6. Only Child
7. Box
8. Transceiver
9. Dans La Mancha
10. Between My Finger And My Thumb

Tony Remy's Website
Incognito's Website

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Acid Jazz - Valentines Day Podcast

Here's a special treat for all you lovers out there. To celebrate the day of love, AJ has created a smooth and groovy mix sure to get you in the mood for Valentines Day. Especially dedicated to my wife. I love you baby, forever.

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(sorry about the quality, I'll provide an RS link in the comments for your listening pleasure soon)

Theres Nothing Like This

Artist - Omar
Album - Theres Nothing Like This

Alone at Last

Artist - Maysa Leak
Album - Maysa

You Are The Universe

Artist - The Brand New Heavies
Album - Shelter

Without You

Artist - Incognito
Album - Beneath The Surface

Don't Say Nothin'

Artist - Opaz
Album - Rebirth of Cool 3


Artist - Carleen Anderson
Album - Soul Providence

Dreaming Of You

Artist - James Taylor Quartet
Album - A Taste of Cherry

Still A Friend of Mine

Artist - Incognito
Album - Positivity

Spend a Lifetime

Artist - Jamiroquai
Album - Travelling Without Moving

Spiritual Love

Artist - Urban Species
Album - Listen

Make Me Smile
Artist - Citrus Sun
Album - Another Time Another Space

Sensual Wave

Artist - Gota
Album - It's So Different Here

Repost - Night Trains - Sleazeball

Digging deeper into the roots of Acid Jazz you will find the group "Night Trains". Originally a live band led by bassist and founder Hugh Brooker their first single was "Open Channel D". The group also appeared on Polydor's "Acid Jazz And Other illicit grooves" compilation with "Now We Have Rhythm", and on Acid Jazz's "Totally Wired 2" with "The Killer". That was 1987, when Acid Jazz ruled the club scene in London.

The band toured with Africa Bambata, a legendary rapper, who is also listed on some of their tracks of their first album "Checkmate", which was released in Europe and Japan in 1989. Because of personal problems Hugh Brooker stopped band activity for a period and formed "the Humble Souls" with Simon Anniki (AKA Wildski) erstwhile rapper with Norman Cook's Beats International. But things didn't run well with this group and Hugh Brooker revived his old group "Night Trains" recording the album "Loaded" in July 1992. The album was recorded in one week in Acid Jazz' West End studios.

But Hugh Brooker prefered more melody structures and live performances. That's the content of the third album "Sleazeball" (1994). The single "Lovesick" was a commercial success with a wide radio play. The album appeared in U.S.A. on the Instinct Records label under the title "Miles Away".

01 Sure Can't Go To The Moon
02 Hold Out For The Truth
03 Lonely Road
04 On My Own
05 Love Is The Teacher
06 Move On Out Together
07 What Good Is Love?
08 Smokey's Clown
09 The International Day
10 Lovesick
11 Sleazeball

Get Night Trains - Sleazeball At Amazon

Snowboy - Snowboy's Soul Spectacular

Killer jazz and soul work from Snowboy -- some overlooked sides that are easily some of the best grooves of his scene at the time! Snowboy first got his start as a Latin percussionist -- adding a lot of firey energy to the London jazz scene in the early Acid Jazz years -- but by the time of these recordings, he'd stretched out in his groove a bit more -- working under his own name, or with his MFOS combo, all in a mode that's overflowing with influences from 70s funk, soul, and club! The style here is quite different than the Snowboy you might know -- and the production is surprisingly wonderful, and very faithful to the older roots of these music -- just warm enough to get the groove right, but never too much so to sound commercial. Vocalists include Noel McKoy, Anna Ross, and Paul Taylor

1. Lucky Fellow (Featuring Noel McKoy)
2. Give Me The Sunshine (Featuring Noel McKoy)
3. Astralisation
4. Girl Overboard (Featuring Anna Ross)
5. Where Is The Love (Featuring Bob Battersby)
6. The New Avengers
7. Funky Djembe
8. Call For Bobby (Featuring Paul Taylor)
9. El Padrino
10. 24 For Betty Page
11. Jazzacuti
12. Where Love Lives (Featuring Anna Ross)
13. Where Is The Love (Reprise)

Snowboy's Website

Snowboy's MySpace Page

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Corduroy - The Frighteners

What is Acid Jazz?

Acid jazz (also known as club jazz) is a musical genre that combines elements of soul music, funk, disco, particularly looping beats and modal harmony. It developed over the 1980s and 1990s and could be seen as tacking the sound of jazz-funk onto electronic dance/pop music.

The compositions of groups such as The Brand New Heavies and Incognito often feature chord structures usually associated with Jazz music. The Heavies in particular were known in their early years for beginning their songs as catchy pop and rapidly steering them into jazz territory before "resolving" the composition and thus not losing any pop listeners but successfully "exposing" them to jazz elements in "baby steps".

The acid jazz "movement" is also seen as a "revival" of jazz-funk or jazz fusion or soul jazz by leading DJs such as Norman Jay or Gilles Peterson or Patrick Forge, also known as "rare groove crate diggers".