Martine Girault - Revival

Martine hails from Brooklyn, New York. At the young age of twelve she was already charming audiences, having taken over from Stephanie Mills in the lead role as Dorothy in Broadway musical The Wiz. This led to theatre and stage work all over the world. Martine had been touring in the UK in 1991 when she met Ray Hayden from Opaz Productions during a recording with Amii Stewart. A documentary featuring footage taken during the making of her 1991 debut LP is currently being compiled.

It's been over a decade since Martine Girault's debut single Revival hit the charts, and in every sense it is a true urban classic. In 1992 it was voted best soul record of the year at the world DMC music awards, having entered the charts at number 1. Her performance at the Royal Albert Hall was broadcast live on Kiss FM. DJs like Bob Jones, Giles Peterson and David Rodigan played a major role in breaking the record.

Revival found its way onto numerous film soundtracks including Bullet with Mickey Rourke and legendary rapper Tu Pac Shakur, and more recently featured in Meg Ryan's controversial In The Cut. Nescafe added flavour to their TV advertising with Revival and it has featured on over thirty compilation CDs.

1. Intro (Interlude)
2. Bring Back Our Love
3. Good Love
4. Been Thinking 'Bout You
5. Love to Love You Baby
6. These Are the Best Days
7. Don't Dog Me
8. Revival
9. We've Got Tomorrow
10. Special
11. I Wish
12. Soulfully Yours
13. Outro (Interlude)

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Thank you, thank you, thanx! Made my WEEK! UMMMYMMMY

Anonymous said...

Martine is beautiful. More Brooklyn funk. I never knew Martine was the singer in all these years. I have failed my Acid Jazz test! Thank you for this post. Sheer class. Obrigado! John - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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