Orange Pekoe - Organic Plastic Music

Orange Pekoe is a Japanese Jazz duo consisting of Tomoko Nagashima (lyrics, and all vocals), and Kazuma Fujimoto (guitar, composition, arrangement and programming).

The two first met through a university music club and started a band with other students, but soon broke off and started work as a duo.

They made big waves throughout the Japanese indie scene before being signed to BMG Records. Their first major label single release (Happy Valley) remained at #1 on radio air play charts for nearly two months. Organic Plastic Music sold over 300,000 copies, and reached #5 on the Oricon charts.

01. Introduction
02. Ai no Izumi
03. Taiyo no Kakera
04. Adaigo
05. 12 Months
06. Happy Valley
07. Sanctuary
08. Kioku
09. Yawaraka na Yoru
11. bottle
12. Shinkaigyo
14. tiny, baby

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acidjazzy said...

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chemicalmat said...

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Oro said...

Great album, man... Can't believe I took so damn long to get it! These guys are really good.

Cheers and a lot of thanks for the great music!

Anonymous said...

do you have their song "Bird of Paradise"? hopefully with other song its mini album. because mine has been deleted because of software crashing in my pc.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous berkata...

do you have their song "Bird of Paradise"? hopefully with other song its mini album. because mine has been deleted because of software crashing in my pc."

That's me. Sorry for asking without introducing myself before. Hope you don't take it personal. My name is Andi.

Anonymous said...

Oh, well. It's already been out of date. T_T

Please give me another link.

I'm really need it^^, thanks!

Telegram of nathanael said...


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