Citrus Sun - Another Time Another Space

Incognito founder Jean Paul "Bluey" Maunick focuses on an instrumental smooth jazz sound with the creation of Citrus Sun. The band's first (and only thus far) project Another Time Another Space was released in 2001.

Maunick recruited Average White Band member Jim Mullen for the guitarist role, along with Incognito members drummer Richard Bailey, bassist Julian Crampton, and the horn section of Ed Jones (sax), Fayazz Virgi (trombone), and Dominic Glover (trumpet). Rounding out the line-up is pianist Tim Vine from Simply Red.

"I created this project to show the importance of smooth jazz in our musical culture," explains Maunick who conceived and produced Another Time Another Space. "I knew Jim Mullen would be the perfect catalyst for this project. He's the perfect guy to help me fuse the subtle elements of Latin, funk and jazz within a context of cool atmospheres and sparse melodies."

Though Maunick calls most of the musical shots for Incognito, he took a more collaborative approach with Citrus Sun. Maunick encouraged the band to co-produce, write songs and play live to track. "When I produce Incognito, I dissect every sound and focus on sonic perfection," says Maunick. "Here, I took on the Quincy Jones role, organizing and encouraging, but just letting these guys get into the studio and kick it. This was an opportunity for these guys to show what they can do."

Maunick is well tenured in the role of producer. Along with all of Incognito's releases, he has produced major artists like Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, George Benson and Maxi Priest.

Citrus Sun is the second Incognito offshoot project. In 1999, Maunick produced and released a Maysa Leak project entitled Inner Shade.

01. Make Me Smile
02. Tanya's Song
03. Budapest
04. Another Time, Another Space
05. Where The Wind Blows
06. So What Can I Do?
07. Blue Orchid
08. Somewhere, Nowhere
09. What It Is
10. Full Circle
11. Mellowed

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What is Acid Jazz?

Acid jazz (also known as club jazz) is a musical genre that combines elements of soul music, funk, disco, particularly looping beats and modal harmony. It developed over the 1980s and 1990s and could be seen as tacking the sound of jazz-funk onto electronic dance/pop music.

The compositions of groups such as The Brand New Heavies and Incognito often feature chord structures usually associated with Jazz music. The Heavies in particular were known in their early years for beginning their songs as catchy pop and rapidly steering them into jazz territory before "resolving" the composition and thus not losing any pop listeners but successfully "exposing" them to jazz elements in "baby steps".

The acid jazz "movement" is also seen as a "revival" of jazz-funk or jazz fusion or soul jazz by leading DJs such as Norman Jay or Gilles Peterson or Patrick Forge, also known as "rare groove crate diggers".